Healthy Soup Swap

January 31st, 2020  |  6:30 - 8 PM

Calling all chefs and food lovers — Warm up this winter season and join our Nutrition Consultant, Spencer, for a Healthy Soup Swap event!


What is a soup swap?

Chances are you’ve heard of this awesome way for foodies and soup lovers to connect — It’s called a soup swap. It’s a wonderful excuse to spend time with good friends + make some new ones...and the best also get to try lots of great new soups and take some home with you to stock in your freezer. Can we say win-win?!


Whether you love cooking or just love soup, we welcome you to join us for this community event! Everyone will bring soup for the soup swap, as well as a little to share during the event. We will be having a soup tasting + light refreshments and drinks. Each person will share a little bit about their recipe and provide recipe cards to go with their soup.


How to Join:

  • Reserve your spot! This is a complimentary community event, however space is limited. Please be sure to reserve your spot online, or call 262-586-0199. — Once you reserve your spot, we will contact you to provide detailed instructions of how the soup swap will work + answer any questions!

  • Choose your soup recipe — Maybe you have a special family soup recipe, or one you've created! Choose a recipe you want to make for the soup swap.

  • Make your soup — Make enough soup to fill 8 quart-sized (freezer-safe) mason jars to share at the soup swap + a little more for everyone to taste during the can make your soup jars ahead of time and freeze them prior to the event. ALL SOUP JARS SHOULD BE COLD OR FROZEN WHEN THEY ARRIVE AT THE EVENT.

  • Create your recipe cards — Create copies of your recipe to go with each jar of soup so that participants can recreate your delicious soup at home!

  • Bring your soups to our soup swap! — During the event, we will go around and share our soup recipes, enjoy great conversation, refreshments and select our soups to take home with us!

  • Everyone will end up going home with at least 8 delicious soups!


*A Note On Food Allergies/Food Sensitivities: We will NOT be putting restrictions on soup ingredients, HOWEVER, we do require that you create recipe cards for each soup jar that includes all ingredients contained in your soup. This will allow participants to use their own discretion when selecting their soups during the event. Those with food sensitivities/food allergies should be aware that they may end up with some soups that they can give away to others, and those who have family members with food allergies/food sensitivities may want to double-check ingredients used before sharing/serving.


*Soup Supplies/Ingredients: All participants are responsible for purchasing their own soup supplies/ingredients.