• Spencer Elizabeth

Catching Snowflakes

Yes, and there it was, right in front of me! While Christmas shopping recently I literally bumped into a simple sign made of wood that had the most amazing words written on it which are now ingrained into my soul. It said, Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way. What a great thought as we approach the New Year. Good memories are wonderful to keep, but dwelling on past hurts and disappointments is not productive for any of us.

Maybe you, too, have found a favorite word or phrase in your own life that resonates with you as you approach 2020. It is so important for us to have both meaningful and inspirational thoughts somewhere in our minds which we can rely on daily, so that we don’t risk any possibility of carrying around the weight of past thoughts regarding failed resolutions. Our thoughts can either be heavy like the snow, or be light like snowflakes as they swirl around in our minds. Light and joyful thinking takes practice, so if we create a plan to do this on purpose, we can live our daily lives with a sense of ease and peace.

Growing up in the Midwest, I remember the pure enjoyment of running outside as a child, when it began to snow, so that I could try to catch as many snowflakes on my tongue as possible. The cooling and refreshing sensation, which was inevitable, was always delightful and the challenge was exciting. As fun as that was at the time, I also remember the feeling of not being able to catch every single snowflake, but wishing that I could. Our hopes and dreams for our future are many times just like the snowflakes – a challenge to catch and keep every single one, as many times they seem to melt away as fast as they land on the desires of our hearts. Maybe it’s unrealistic, and often times overwhelming to think that we must capture and hold on to every single hope and dream that we desire when life is not always predictable. Yet the ideas of them and the longing for the fulfillment of them are required for us to ultimately experience joyful living. Making the attempt to set goals to achieve pure joy in our lives remains important. Now as an adult, I try to remind myself that it’s still necessary to take some time to “catch snowflakes”; after all, they’re beautiful and free for the taking.

As a nutritionist, I try to stay focused on, not so much what I can’t do, as I look ahead to the New Year, but rather what I can do to stay healthy and happy on a daily basis and I try to set realistic goals so that they last. For both, my clients and myself, I create a unique plan that is empowering, by introducing nutritional wellness, balance, and spiritual joy into our daily living. In many ways we are designed to be like the snowflakes, unique and different, each in our own way, and to enjoy the feeling of glorious freedom by setting goals, and coming up with a plan for how we want to move around in our daily lives. I invite you to choose a word or phrase that resonates with you and how you want to be feeling in the year ahead. We can all approach this New Year in the same way in which we watch the falling snow – by finding a way to be mesmerized each and every day!

May you joyfully swirl through 2020 like the gentle and graceful snowflakes, and may you always find a great place to land!

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