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Comfort Food—Feeding the Mind, Body, and Soul!

Hey Everyone — I hope you’re finding blessings of balance and wellness in your life this month!

I’d like to share some thoughts with you about nourishment through “comfort food” as a way to feed the mind, body, and soul. For me, I take comfort in the food that feeds my self-care. Our self-care is about so much more than what we eat and how much we eat – it’s also about why we eat. This important connection is sometimes overlooked. We may have the desire to create true balance within our lives, but because we are all unique, and our life circumstances are all different, it’s sometimes difficult to know the best ways in which we can feed the body nourishing foods, feed the mind positive thoughts, and feed the soul through healing activities.

Reflect for a moment on reasons why many people enjoy foods that can seem so comforting. Maybe for you it’s the association of foods you enjoyed growing up, or pleasant memories you associate with celebrations and social events. Maybe you simply enjoy the way delicious healthy foods taste to you, or you think of the great conversations you have when you gather around a table with family and friends.

The relationship with food however, can also be complex. There can be times in life when stressful situations, unpleasant and unexpected life circumstances happen, or even dwelling on unpleasant memories, can affect reasons why someone eats, and can stir unwanted emotions affecting our relationship with food and with our self-care. Geneen Roth wrote a great inspirational book, When Food Is Love (the focus of my February Nourish Book Club Event), which is a book that explores the relationship between emotions and food.

Learning ways to create a positive mindset and develop a positive relationship with food promotes the balance that we all desire and deserve, so as a Nutrition Consultant and Yoga Instructor, I encourage you to join me during the month of March for my 3-Part Workshop Series, Nourish Your Soul Yoga, which will include a yoga flow and activities designed to help you foster a more positive and nourishing relationship with food. Sign up for one or all three of these selfcare workshops and explore and nurture your relationship with food.

Wishing You Inspiring Nourishment for Your Mind, Body, and Soul - This Month & Always!

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