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The Connection Between Self-Love & Your Hormones!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Hello Everyone! By now we’re all getting settled into the New Year, and whether you’re reading this in fuzzy socks while enjoying your favorite cup of herbal tea, or you’re on-the-go getting ready for a busy day ahead, I want to thank you for taking a few moments to read my blog.

Because we’re soon approaching the month of February, my thoughts are focused on matters of the heart. While physical heart health is obviously an important issue for all of us to consider, I’m actually referring to the love and care we need to offer ourselves regarding the emotional aspects of our hearts.

Life sometimes gets so busy while we’re taking care of the needs of everything and everyone around us, that we don’t create enough time for ourselves. This continual overly busy cycle, due to our hectic schedules and lifestyle (which is at times unavoidable) can lead to unwanted stress, and ultimately lead to a variety of physical and emotional health issues. Stress can be a huge contributor of hormone imbalance, which can leave a person feeling very overwhelmed. For women, hormonal imbalance can negatively affect everything from our relationships to our work, our physical health, our immune system, our skin and hair, menstrual cycles, fertility, our mood and emotions, our digestive system, our weight, our relationship with food, etc.

If this picture in any way describes you, then you are not alone. As a nutrition consultant, I want you to know that I am here to support you on your wellness journey so that you can feel your very best – Ultimately being the best YOU that you can be for yourself and everyone else in your life, and allowing you to go through the moments of your day with a better sense of ease, calm, and joy!

Our endocrine system is made up of a series of glands which makes and distributes our hormones, acting as chemical messengers throughout the body. All of our glands produce different hormones contributing to various functions within the body. If there is too much, or too little of any hormone, an imbalance can occur. The negative results and symptoms from hormonal imbalance can be, and feel, very different for everyone. It’s imperative that we take the time to create ways to protect, care for, and love the emotional side of our hearts and our whole self in order to support our hormones.

During those times when we’re experiencing the results of high stress, many of us have a tendency to navigate toward unhealthy comfort foods. As we know, this is also one of the most important times to be doing just the opposite so that we don’t leave ourselves vulnerable to unwanted illness causing negative symptoms (Check out my Adrenal Support Energy Bites Recipe here!). When I work with my clients one-on-one I help them with effective solutions for a healthier lifestyle, and also with nutritional recommendations that will help guide them along the way toward optimal health, uniquely designed for their specific health needs.

The month of February, is a perfect opportunity for us to focus on matters of the heart (and hormones!), by taking the time to care for our whole self both physically and emotionally. It’s that special time of the year when we need to remind ourselves that loving ourselves completely on a daily basis, can be the key to essentially giving and receiving lifelong love as abundantly as we possibly can.

Warm Wishes for a Healthy, Blessed, & Happy Valentine’s Day!



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